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New York City Tours – Seeing the “Big Apple” in style!

A historic city like New York cannot really be appreciated through the eyes of a 4 or 6-seater – a sedan or rent-a-car. So when it comes to truly soaking in all of the essentials that the city has to offer, New York City tours gives you a whole new experience.


If you really want to enjoy the sights and sounds of the historical and cultural mosaic that’s known as the Big Apple, then working with a professional and well organized and managed  tour company in New York City is the only choice:

While individual sightseers will have to contend with the stress of driving through NYC traffic, navigating through its highways and by lanes, seeking directions when they are lost, and constantly searching for parking, your limo or bus drivers are seasoned professionals – they know the city like the back of their hands. Once you’re onboard, they’ll ensure you visit every venue on the list – with enough time to appreciate every one of them!


So what can a guided tour of New York City really offer you? The answer to that question is: It depends what’s on your mind? With a chartered bus or limo service, you’ll have choices unlike those that you can organize individually or using a rented cab or car service.

But there’s much more in store for you when you use tour bus services to see the Big Apple. You’ll travel in luxury. You’ll ride in comfort. You’ll have plenty of stops along the way to stretch your legs, enjoy the local cuisine and take lots of pictures.
The trips with a guided tour can even be customized to meet the unique sightseeing requirements of your particular group of friends, family members, colleagues and associates.  For instance, if you want to enjoy a boat ride through New York Harbor, you can even do that – while your tour bus waits patiently as you see the harbour and cruise past the Statue of Liberty.


Angel Transportation’s tour packages aren’t just restricted for holiday makers or casual city visitors. In fact, the company provides its services to a myriad of group travel and touring.

Whether you are group of families, a sports team, a school or college, or a company wishing to provide staff and executives some much needed downtime; New York City tours offers you a tour for every event!


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