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Staten Island Bus Charter – Bringing life to group events!

It’s true what they say about an event with lots of attendees: The more the merrier! However, limo or bus rental in Staten Island brings new meaning to that phrase. By enabling participants in even greater numbers to travel to and from private, professional or company-sponsored events, in comfort and style, charter busses are showing that more people can be even merrier during any trip!


New York has lots to offer. By arranging for high-quality limo or bus charter in Staten Island, you’ll be able to effortlessly and comfortably travel across New York – from Manhattan and Brooklyn, to the Bronx, Staten Island, Queens and Long Island. And you can cover all of New Jersey and Atlantic City and beyond.

Booking a trip, either for a small group or a larger one, means the organizers of your hired bus or rental limo in Staten Island will help in making it possible for you to share the journey with many other similar kindred souls. And isn’t that the whole idea of travelling and exploring new places?

Without limo rental in Staten Island, you’d be taking a trip alone, or driving with just a solitary companion or two instead of with a vibrant group of fellow-travellers. Visiting landmarks like Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown, Central Park, Canal Street or even the Empire State Building as a group of one isn’t really fun. Travel in a vehicle from a bus charter service in Staten Island will make the entire tour group come to life, both while in transit as well as at the landmark’s visited.

And best of all, you can visit all of these attractions under the knowledgeable stewardship of highly professional and licensed tour guides. These guided tours give road-warriors and new travellers the opportunity of in-depth commentary about the places being visited and the scenic routes being travelled.


Least you get the impression that bus charter services are only great for touring and sightseeing events – think again!

Groups of professionals on corporate sponsored trips can greatly benefit from collective travel from and to their company hosted events using a professionally run transportation service. The spacious seats, luxurious interior and professionally driven vehicles make it ideal to build stress-free collaboration amongst colleagues prior to the “big event”.

Instead of renting dozens of sedans from a rent-a-car shop, think of the efficient use of travel budgets by simply chartering a bus for the entire group. It’s great for budgets – as well as for the environment!

Depending on the type of bus you charter from the bus and limo rental service in Staten Island, and the distance that the bus has to travel, you and your group will have plenty of opportunity to have mini-group sessions before arriving at the final destination. While individual travel doesn’t afford you such opportunities, using luxurious charter service can unlock collective synergies of the professionals travelling as a group.


And speaking of professionalism, you’re unlikely to experience anywhere else what bus and limo rental in Staten Island offers; where professionalism is at its best! These are seasoned professionals in the limo, bus and air transportation charter industry, who take customer service and passenger comfort to new levels.

When you use a charter bus, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that every vehicle in the vast fleet is built to deliver the highest levels in comfort and style. That’s because the operators of the service know that unless you are comfortable throughout the journey, you won’t enjoy your time at the final destination.

Staten Island charter services’ operators also take their client’s safety very seriously. No other bus charter service enforces as many rigorous and continuous safety checks on their fleet as they do. That’s why the service not only has an enviable safety record – one of the best in the industry; but customers rave about the company’s proven record of punctuality and efficiency. You can always count on their vehicles arriving and departing on schedule – every time!


Angel Transportation, the providers of limo and bus rental in Staten Island, is committed to providing a unique and highly customized bus charter experience to its clients. Not only will you experience the professionalism of trained and experienced drivers, but you’ll also enjoy the benefits of licensed tour guides.


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